May 9, 2015

I Want A Twenty For Mother's Day...

You may have heard rumblings of a national campaign to excuse Andrew Jackson from his longstanding post on the twenty dollar bill and replace his mug with a female leader. This is a very real effort and it is coming to an end on Mother's Day.

The long list of extraordinary women has been whittled down to four and the decision has been placed in our hands. Attached you will find a link. Click on it and peruse the site. You can cast one vote for the woman you believe should emerge as the face of the twenty dollar bill.

Will it be Eleanor Roosevelt? Maybe Harriet Tubman. Perhaps you will cast your vote for Wilma Mankiller or Rosa Parks. One of these fine female leaders will soon be presented to the White House as the final candidate selected to hopefully make her way to our U.S currency.

Who did you vote for?

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