March 8, 2015

Larkspur Bungalow...

I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of my fictional novel, Larkspur Bungalow. It is a story that begins in quirky Portland, Oregon and finds its way to the magical Bay Area. Peppered among the pages are many local references that the reader will thoroughly enjoy. Whether you are a resident of either community or are simply looking to visit, Larkspur Bungalow will layer an entertaining read with a myriad of ideas for a West Coast adventure. Simply click on the link below and you will be whisked away to two of my most favorite places in the world!



March 2, 2015

Three Impressive Young Women Deliver A Timely Message...

So often our teens are all lumped together as a generation of entitled, self~involved, selfie experts, who can't seem to pull their heads up from their phones long enough to have a meaningful conversation. Good news! If you haven't seen this recent video, it might just restore your hope for the future of Generation Z.

Teaching literacy through poetry, these young women deliver a powerful message. I hope you will take few minutes to watch.