February 2, 2015

Proud To Call Him A Friend...

I often write about the fact that we move a lot. By a lot I mean we have lived in five different states in the past eight years. While challenging at times, I wouldn't change a thing. It has afforded our family the privilege of living in places we may have only visited on vacation. But more importantly, we have cultivated lifelong friendships every step of the way.

In state #3 we met Jay Alexander and his terrific family. So get this...Jay is a magician. And by magician I am talking about one of the most entertaining, mind-blowing illusionists I have ever witnessed. His shows are epic, causing audiences to walk away wanting more! Over the years Jay has not only attracted the attention of those seeking mystical fun, but also a whole host of international celebrities and corporations.

Last year Jay took the TED talk stage. The attached video is naturally entertaining, but also tells a sweet story about a boy who could have quietly stepped into the shadows. But he didn't...


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