November 10, 2014

Take A Moment. Then Get Back To Work...

Last week I announced a very exciting event. Well, I am proud and incredibly humbled to report that my art exhibit was a success! Truly a magical evening full of old friends, new friends, fantastic food, and equally spectacular cocktails. The art was the catalyst, but the energy of the evening came from the overwhelming support and generosity of the community.

In order to put the end goal in place in less than a week, many people came together to create a vision. When a plan falls seamlessly into place, there is nothing more gratifying.

In a time when we are all programmed to work 80 hour weeks while juggling family and community obligations, I would encourage everyone to give yourself a gift. The gift of taking a moment to stand back, reflect, and celebrate every success. Then put your head back down, and get back to work!

If you want to see photos from Friday's event, check out my website at


  1. Congratulations on a successful show, Julie. I just love your art. The colors are so joyful.

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    2. Thank you, Kim. I am working on a few Chicago locations. I will keep you posted. It would be great to connect again.