October 21, 2014

Dear Oprah...

Dear Oprah~

I am a few short years from turning 50, which means that I have grown up in the lucky generation to have had the privilege of following the inspirational wave of Oprah. The daily talk show, the magazine, Sirius/XM Radio, the highs, the lows, the overall message. A few weeks ago I received my monthly issue of O Mag. On the cover was another glossy digitally enhanced version of Oprah. Yet on the inside of the back cover I found the Oprah we know and love, passing along magical nuggets of wisdom that you are taking to the masses as you deliver your message from city to city in Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend.

Here's my problem. You have spent your adult life inspiring and challenging women and girls to dig deep and tap into our authentic selves in an effort to discover our own unique passion that will hopefully propel each of us to find our Why in life. What do I mean by Why? Basically the underlying talent, gift, or whatever you call it that allows us to contribute our purpose to the world. The deep seeded thing that makes us intrinsically special.

I get that you purposely conclude each publication in a way that gives the reader a final thought to take away.  I just wish that the last page matched the front cover. Honestly, when I look at front cover Oprah and back page Oprah, they are two different people. As a leader, who has followed her own path in life, when will back page Oprah find her way to the front cover. Your audience identifies with the woman on page 168. While the glossy image on the front continues to perpetuate the fact that women and girls should strive to emulate a photoshopped, shimmery, unattainable image.  For what it's worth, I would prefer to see page 168 greet me rather than an image that sort of looks like a version of a woman who has single-handedly changed the lives of millions.


Julie Meulemans

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