August 4, 2014

Scary But True~Part II...

A year and a half ago I wrote a blog that has been read and passed along by hundreds of people. It gave the terrifying real life reality of Rohypnol, otherwise known as "roofies." Today, I am writing about an increasingly popular drug that can literally be found online or in your local gas station. Sadly, this synthetic pot substitute is both legal and passed off as an easy way to get a cheap quick high.

Labeled potpourri or incense, the herbal substance is treated with a variety of chemicals. While the small print typically states "not for human consumption", young users are ignoring the warning in an effort to seek a high similar to pot. The street name is Spice. Although, it is sometimes referred to it as K~2, and it is literally falling through the cracks. Because it is legal, the police have no jurisdiction over its distribution among minors. Some gas stations have made the decision to only sell the product to those over the age of 18, but most have elected not to comply because it is a perfectly legal product in this country.

So, why are teens so intrigued? The one thing that is known is that when it is smoked, it is virtually untraceable to a drug test. Typical users will derive benefits of calm and relaxation. Although, others will sadly suffer from the brain or their internal organs immediately overwhelmed by its toxicity. If that happens, the effects are fast and irreversible. For unlucky users, the chemicals will adhere to the brain's receptors, and anything from psychosis to death are certain.

Unfortunately, herbal substances in general have become widely accepted as a safe alternative to prescription medication. I can't tell you how many bottles of herbs and vitamins I have that clearly state that the FDA has not evaluated the claims made by the manufacturer.

This is just my two cents for today so pass it along to your own kiddos or any other tween or teen in our life. After all, it takes a village...