July 28, 2014

Don't Call Them Dropouts...

With every passing year, the global discussion about educating our youth continues to be a hot topic of conversation in the news, in editorials, and in our individual households. For many of us, it is the march to higher education, cognizant that there will always be the sliver of America's children who, for whatever reason, won't make it to their senior year in high school. They are typically referred to as "dropouts." A term coined to segregate anyone who inadvertently falls by the wayside between grades K-12.

Recently, Ed Rust, who is the CEO of State Farm Insurance Companies, spoke out about this issue. State Farm as a company has become a voracious supporter of America's Promise Alliance, which is an organization comprised of men and women, who have made the commitment to assist and supplement the needs of school age children and their families in order to remove the individual obstacles that might otherwise make graduating from high school an impossible goal.

According to Rust, he throws down the challenge to change the vernacular. Deeming the term "dropouts" as unfair when families are sadly plagued with limited options due to a variety of unavoidable circumstances. Instead of dismissing this growing sector of our youth, he embraces the idea of reaching out to empower struggling families and children. Ultimately giving a hand up to those who might simply need something as simple as a pair of shoes, a winter coat, or supplies to make learning more feasible.

It has been my privilege to volunteer for this incredible organization for the past year. If you have been looking for an opportunity to give back in your own community, I would encourage you to check out America's Promise Alliance. It is a worthy organization, and is successfully making a difference one child at time.

I have linked Ed Rust's recent speech, as well as a very inspirational video from the documentary entitled "Don't Call Them Dropouts."



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