June 30, 2014

I Love A Good Manifesto...

I found this a few months ago, and got such a kick out of it! While my daughter is well into her teen years, I still have vivid memories of the hilarity that ensues as one prepares to become a parent for the first time. Bringing home your new little bundle of joy is a special time. It is also a time of chaos, hysteria, and becoming one with some really gross stuff.  Enjoy!


June 24, 2014

I dare say...: Dare To Compete, Mrs. Clinton. Dare To Compete...

The following blog was originally posted last year as Secretary Clinton prepared to exit her post as Secretary of State. Six months later, we are still waiting for the Clinton hat to be tossed into the proverbial ring for the 2016 election. I thought it would be a timely blog to re-post. Thoughts?

I dare say...: Dare To Compete, Mrs. Clinton. Dare To Compete...: For the better part of a decade I have carried in my wallet an article.  I can't say exactly why, other than it resonated with me.  It ...

June 16, 2014

Who Can Say No To A Date...

If you read my blogs regularly, you know that I am always in search of finding the healthiest ways to enhance food. I said so long to refined sugar, dairy, and gluten long ago so finding options to naturally sweeten is always on my radar. My newest find is date syrup. It is simple, takes little effort, and will add sweetness to unsweetened yogurt, smoothies, or homemade granola. It's even a good way to kick up your morning coffee or tea instead of sugar.

So here's the skinny on dates. While packing a nice punch of natural sweetness, they are more importantly brimming with many rich nutrients. Among them are potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Three dietary elements that are often difficult to get enough of in our daily lives. Dates are, by no means, free of calories. But in comparison to other sweeteners, they are your best bet for an all around good option if you are looking to put a little spark into an otherwise bland dish.

All you have to do is combine 1/2 cup pitted dates, 1/2  cup water, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger, and 1 teaspoon vanilla in a covered bowl. Place in the refrigerator for 24 hours, stirring occasionally. The dates will eventually dissolve, becoming the most beautiful syrup. If you don't have 24 hours, you can let it sit for 8 hours and blend it. Keep it covered and refrigerated. It should last for a week (if you haven't gobbled it up already)!

Raw Date Syrup

June 9, 2014

There's Nothing Like A Well-Oiled Machine...

With all the distressing news that seems to emerge from high schools and colleges across America, I am bringing to you a little sliver of light and happiness from a Bay Area high school that has it going on! Larkspur is a charming town situated approximately 20 minutes due north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The local high school, which is also well known for producing years and years of academically stellar students, recently posted a video that includes teachers, administrators, and students from every possible sport and club in a most impressive rendition of "Let's Get It Started" by The Black Eyed Peas.  

The idea was originally inspired by a student government teacher at Redwood High, and the students took it from there. Highlighting everybody in a way that made one extra curricular activity no more important than the next. The fast moving impeccably choreographed performance ended with the whole school gathering together demonstrating collective school spirit that I haven't seen in a long time.

While the students were the clear stars of the video, I applaud the administration. Behind every well-oiled machine is a great leader. A leader that influences by example, and with high expectations. My guess is that the leaders of Redwood High are exactly that. Exceptional leaders, who empower their students to excel in every way!

Check out the link. It will make your day! Congratulations to the students of Redwood High for posting a great example of smart and creative school spirit.



June 2, 2014

I dare say...: Scary But True...

I dare say...: Scary But True...: We all have a vivid recollection of the blockbuster movie  The Hangover .  One of the more hilarious flicks that we can easily watch over ...

Summer Reruns...

This summer I am going to be picking and choosing some previous blogs that I believe are important and necessary for everyone to read. There will be new ones sprinkled in for good measure, but some of the oldies should not be missed if you are a newer reader.

This week I am starting with one of my most read pieces. It is, in my opinion, one of the most critical blogs that should be read and taken to heart by all women and girls. The title is Scary But True. Please read it and pass it along to your community. I honestly believe that knowledge is power, and this is a subject that we cannot afford to ignore.