April 28, 2014

Sit Up And Take Notice Because This Young Woman Nailed it...

Say what you will about our emerging youth, but an interesting phenomenon is taking shape among our next generation. Yes, the entitlement issue is a frustrating one.  And yes, our tweens and teens are moving forward and upward at a rate that far exceeds any previous generation. But let's face it, our parents probably said the same thing about us when we were young.

With the advancement of technology and digital media, we have essentially embedded the issue of rapid progress into their psyches since birth. As a result, we have inadvertently created a culture of informed, enlightened, and strong-minded individuals. Granted, with this comes the unfortunate issue of perpetual distractions like Candy Crush and selfies.  But also, they are the recipients of a constant information stream that is causing our young adults to assimilate massive amounts of information, and feel empowered to pursue it, question it, and own it.

What do I mean by this?  I am pleasantly surprised and pleased by the courage of our youth.  They are putting themselves out there, coming out as gay and lesbian, questioning what they see at home or in the world, and generally speaking their minds without first consulting the social and political opinions of their parents. Naturally, it is perplexing at times, considering the fact that their minds have not yet fully formed! Yet, it is encouraging, nonetheless.

The attached video I found to be an interesting example of the courage and conviction that is finding its way to the forefront of the next generation.  My prediction is that our current middle and high school students will be responsible for eventually changing the overall vernacular.  While they are temporarily incapable of separating themselves from their mobile devices, they are also doing something pretty amazing. They refuse to succumb to a generation that listens to familiar parental quotes like "do as I say and not as I do" or "children should be seen and not heard."

As a society, we have basically opened Pandora's box, but in doing so, we have also invited a new generation to stand firm for what they believe, speak frankly, seek acceptance, and own their true selves. The down side is that it will be done in conjunction with a barrage of  selfies and photobombs...


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