April 20, 2014

Hunger Is Often Invisible To The Rest Of Us...

I just returned home from a beautiful Easter brunch.  We dined at a chic farm to table restaurant in our town. The spread offered up anything and everything from organic omelets to the most beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Sadly, the issue of hunger looms over the heads of millions. Unlike the physical reminders of so many health challenges that people face on a daily basis, hunger is the silent and invisible reality, depleting far too many Americans of the need for simple nutrition.

We often think of the underprivileged or uneducated sectors of society primarily needing help to supplement their food sources.  While this may be primarily true, there is a growing need for those, who are no different than you and me. Basically, a few bad circumstances can result in the loss of a job, depleted savings, and the inability to provide the basic necessities for a family.

The following video documents a very real example of unexpected families facing the issue of hunger in the Denver area.  A good reminder that we must as a country continue to rally behind those who might just need a hand up.


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