March 24, 2014

The Joy Of Paying It Forward...

There is something so rewarding about the concept of paying it forward.  Last fall I received an email from a non-profit organization that our family has supported since the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The overall goal of the Sandy Hook Promise is to fund a common sense solution to the ongoing issue of gun control in this country.

In an effort to bring light to their cause, the nail giant OPI created a special green polish, and named it Sandy Hook Green.  A limited number of bottles were produced, and the proceeds went directly to the foundation.  I happily purchased a bottle, and decided to pass it along to the salon where I get my pedicures.  I told them the story, and said that they could use it in any way they saw fit.

On Friday I was thrilled to learn that, for the month of March, my terrific pedicurist is offering a promotion, with plans to make a donation for every person who paints their nails with Sandy Hook Green.

So, OPI paid it forward by producing the limited edition.  I paid it forward by buying it and giving it away. And the generous spirit of Nikki at the Girl Friday Salon is paying it forward by making a donation and educating those, who may not have otherwise known about the continued efforts of Sandy Hook. My hope is that those who participate in Nikki's special offer will continue the chain of paying it forward in their own way.

I love this stuff...


  1. I love it! What a perfect timeline of paying it forward! I'm sharing this on Facebook!

  2. You're such a sweetie, Sandy! Just received your book. Looking forward to reading it.