February 10, 2014

It's The Face Behind The Gun That Shakes Me To The Core...

Since the horrific Sandy Hook shooting, we have sadly seen too many incidents of gun related violence.  Occasionally, I receive a ping from CNN on my phone, and my heart sinks when I read that another school is in lockdown or shots started ringing out in a local mall, causing shoppers to run for cover.

Over a year ago, I read an article that chronicled a man, who suffers from mental illness.  Honestly, the vacant look in his eyes and lack of human compassion in his words shook me to the core.  As a result, I am eliminating his name and the state where he resides.  Frankly, it doesn't matter, and I don't want to inadvertently encourage the subject of the article to see himself as a glorified celebrity.

He was asked by a local reporter about his preoccupation with guns.  To that, he was quoted as saying,"Honestly, I'm just not feeling up to running into some public area and massacring dozens of innocent people with an assault weapon right now, but it's nice that the option is technically always there in case I change my mind."

There are clearly a whole host of problems.  The first being a common sense solution to possessing a gun that everyone can agree on.  I honestly don't understand the ideology of viciously fighting for the rights of an unborn life, yet abandon that argument altogether when it comes to our right to life as a citizens, who simply want to safely reside in our communities, and send our kiddos to school without worry.

The next issue is obviously the need for this country to identify and provide medical care for those who suffer from mental illness.  Our pediatricians and family care physicians need to incorporate mental health evaluations, and we as a country have got to accept the fact that battling a mental illness is no different than a physical challenge.

The Sandy Hook Promise has spent the better part of a year developing a grassroots movement to put an end to senseless gun violence. The members have testified before Congress, vowing to find an amicable resolution to a problem that is becoming all to commonplace.  If you want to support their cause, you can join me by taking the Sandy Hook Promise.  Simply click on the link below.




  1. If we took a fraction of the money spent on undeclared wars and put it into a decent mental health care system, I bet the number of mass shootings would plunge.

    1. I agree, MB. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. Jules