February 17, 2014

Cameron Diaz Has Released A Book That Is A Head To Toe Home Run...

For the better part of my adult years, Cameron Diaz has been one of those celebs, who continues to be loved by both men and women.  This adorable, perky, girl next door, who was introduced to us in My Best Friend's Wedding, has grown into an impressive, hardworking, student of health and wellness.

Diaz recently published a book titled The Body Book.  She did the expected tour through all the relevant talk shows, snippets of the book were featured in all kinds of publications, and of course the beautiful cover was the main attraction if you follow her on Instagram.  Normally, I bypass the newest must do craze that our beloved celebs peddle, but this one seemed different.  So much so that I downloaded it onto my iPad halfway through her interview on GMA.  The insight she was sharing was a virtual plethora of information that this country has managed to kick to the proverbial curb.  It is so comprehensive and simple for anyone to assimilate, I have found myself telling anyone who will listen that they should read this book.

The chapters are laid out well and the information is presented by the writer in such a way that you can clearly hear her voice as you move through the text.  It is by no means a self-help book.  It is a back to basics, here's the deal, open your eyes kind of book if getting healthy is the goal of 2014.  Let me repeat that.  GETTING HEALTHY!  Not getting fit, not getting thin, not a diet book.  It is a nonjudgemental book about learning how the body works, and the uber important habits that we must incorporate into our lives to be as healthy as we possibly can.

So, thank you Ms. Diaz.  This writer thinks you hit it out of the park!

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