January 9, 2014

Two Back To Back Interviews On Morning Joe That I Found Annoying...

I have been a longtime viewer of Morning Joe.  The popular MSNBC show starts way before I get up in the morning, greeting me with just enough hard news, while still serving up a balance of entertainment that isn't too fluffy.

This morning was no different.  As I nursed my second cup of joe (pun intended), while simultaneously shooing the family out the door, I was pleased to see that Arianna Huffington and Mindy Kaling were going to be guests.  Two of my favorite women.  Both smart, confident, successful, and great leaders in their respective fields.  Two women, who our young women should emulate as they seek guidance through their formative years.

So, why were their interviews so blatantly different?  They basically hailed Huffington with the accolades that I listed above for her accomplishments.  Yet, when Kaling sat down at the infamous table, they questioned her recent cover of Elle, asking her if she was angry that the mag published the cover in black and white and from the neck up.  One of the hosts even asked a question about her female colleagues, calling them "girls".  Honestly, Mindy Kaling is in her thirties. I am quite sure she did not appreciate the implication.  After all, I think we can all agree they would never think for a minute of asking Ariana Huffington about the "girls" in her field of expertise.

It was, frankly, not their finest hour.  Mindy Kaling appeared slightly unnerved by the interview, and rightly so!  She is an incredibly accomplished and brilliant writer, actor, and leader.  She is not only a fine example to Indian women, she is an extraordinary example to all women.  My teen daughter absolutely adores her. She is currently reading Mindy's book and I, for one, am ecstatic that there are women in the public eye, who supplement the strong female values that I work very hard to model at home.

I guess when all is said and done, there will be good interviews and not so good interviews.  My hope is that the folks on my fav morning show will be more mindful and consider changing the vernacular.  Because I am pretty sure Mindy stopped referring to herself as a "girl" about 20 years ago...

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