January 6, 2014

Trust Me, I'm A Doctor! You Need A Shot...

Yes, you can trust me.  No, I'm not really a doctor.  And, most definitely you are in need of a shot.  A Daily Shot, that is.  I am talking about the daily webcast of fun that Ali Wentworth serves up on Yahoo! Shine.  Sometimes it's an interesting interview or a gabfest with one of her fancy pants celeb friends.  Other times, it's just learning something about the newest product on the market or an obscure out of the blue topic of conversation.  Essentially, a mish mash of stuff you never knew you needed to know, but Wentworth always manages to lob the audience a few minutes of irreverent laughter in the middle of the day.

Here's how it works.  You can go to the Yahoo! Shine website and find her daily snippet of goodness.  You can also "like" her on Facebook or follow the show on Twitter.  That way Ali will conveniently show up on your electronic device all queued up and ready to go when you have a free minute.

Your welcome...

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