January 13, 2014

Looking For A Non~Botoxed Role Model? Well, Here's A Shining Example Of Aging With Style...

I am no stranger to embracing the whole age thing.  After all, I went grey by choice, I elect to put my dollars toward kale and non~processed food rather than Botox and fillers, and I would much rather invest in a closet of shoes and handbags before undergoing surgery to nip and tuck the saggy stuff.

Recently, BBC did a documentary on six sassy senior gals that is fantastic!  The opinion of this writer is that they should be the global inspiration for unapologetically aging with style and swagger.

Honestly, I hope you will take the time to watch because, not only are they hilarious, they definitely have their priorities in check.  



  1. This program was shown on our TV a while ago but I missed most of it and only saw the last 10 mins. I hope to watch it fully soon, as those mature women look like real fun. And they certainly are living life to the FULL :)

    1. I had a feeling you would enjoy this blog! Happy New Year! Jules