December 2, 2013

Bend The World To Your Vision...

I have not been shy about blogging about my admiration for Robin Sharma.  He is a writer and speaker, but more than anything, he is simply inspirational.  To me, anyway.  I receive periodic emails and Facebook posts, but I stumbled upon a video that he made a few months ago.  Nothing flashy, just words of wisdom from his hotel room one day.  I got to thinking, though.  What if every pre-tween to post-teen in America saw this video and, as a result, were inspired to find their own extreme achievement formula?  The results would be extraordinary!  Just think of all those kiddos out there, who are missing one important element~the courage to bend the world to meet their vision.  So, I say to all you tweenybops*, find your passion, seek out people who inspire and support you, and then conquer your dreams.

*tweenybop is a made up word, which includes children of all ages.

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