December 30, 2013

A Reminder To Be Grateful In Just Under Four Minutes...

For those of us who are healthy and thankfully able to navigate our way through the day with little difficulty, we still fall into the trap of critically examining the reflection that greets us each day as we look into the mirror.  By no means would I ever consider gazing at my image with carefree exuberance. Although, after taking the time to watch this four minute vignette, I will definitely look in the mirror with a little more kindness and appreciation for the simple things that we take for granted as we buzz through our busy lives.  I hope you will be as enchanted as I was while watching the moments of sheer happiness during an otherwise difficult time.


  1. It's a powerful video. Thank you for posting it. Happy Glorious Wonderful New Year.

  2. As always, Sandy, thank you for your comments. I am so happy that you found it as inspirational as I did. My best to you in 2014! Jules