November 4, 2013

Dear Mrs. Obama...

For the past six years, our First Lady had espoused the importance of eating healthy and physical exercise.  Two issues that are near and dear to my heart. Here's the problem.  There are millions in this country who will never have access to either because of their zip code.  So, I ask this question~ why do corn farmers continue to receive HUGE subsidies from the government. Yet, organic fruits and vegetables continue to be available only to wealthier Americans?  I will even go as far as to say that inner city communities are set up to fail!

I am a firm believer that if you make it lucrative, people will sit up and take notice. So, make organic farming as lucrative as farming corn, for example.  You know what will happen?  Existing local farmers, as well as brilliant and motivated agriculture college graduates will realize their dream of farming organic produce and vegetables.  Subsequently, making access to organic food mainstream, and not something that requires a six figure annual salary.

I am sincerely at a loss when it comes to the issue of safety in our urban cities. Although, it certainly does not help to eliminate physical education in the schools. If that is the only safe place for kids to exercise, then how can our public school system see that as a reasonable subject to eliminate from the curriculum?

I am not the only one who believes this.  If you want to learn more, take a few minutes to view the video that I posted below.  It is a real view from an impressive man, who sees the resulting damage of food and the lack of fresh air and exercise on a daily basis.  He also serves up an analogy that might make you think differently about this issue.

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