October 13, 2013

What The Frack...

This is another rerun, as I have been working tirelessly to complete a writing project that has been consuming much of my time. If you missed this blog last year, it discusses fracking. An incredibly important issue that continues to plague our country. Thoughts?

Fracking is a term that has been increasingly spoken and written about in the news in the last few years. Yet, many of us just sort of understand what the concept means. Basically, it is a method to extract natural gas from the earth. Depending on which expert you are listening to, it is either a strategy that will make the United States completely energy independent or it will be the ultimate demise of every community that happens to be situated near a rich fracking site.

Ironically, I received my monthly subscription of O Magazine and stumbled upon the video that I posted below on the same day. Both provide their own perspective on the issue of fracking. The video is excellent. It reminds me a bit of Schoolhouse Rock! For everyone over the age of 40, remember the Saturday morning catchy vignettes that taught us about grammar, spelling, and the proper way a bill passes through Congress? Well, this video gives a similar tutorial on the issue of fracking.

As for the article in Oprah's monthly bible of goodness, she offers up a more personal perspective from a community in Wyoming, who sadly have endured the collateral damage of fracking.

So I ask, if the USA is actually a nation made up of some of the most intelligent and well-educated minds in the world, why can't we seek out other options that will not sacrifice entire communities for the sake of the greater good?
(You should know that it pained me to remain somewhat cerebral and not include my own fracking terminology like frackers, frack off, go frack yourself, and motherfracker)...



  1. I'll have to come back to watch the video but there's also been an issue with fracking in the UK recently and at the moment I'm not totally sure what it's all about or whether it is a good thing or bad thing because I've been hearing 2 totally opposing views from professionals, and they both seem to make sense.

    1. I have been listening to the same opposing arguments. I would love to hear your thoughts after you see the video. I have a feeling this issue will be around for a very long time. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment.