September 30, 2013

The Sandy Hook Promise And OPI Are Going Green...

The residents of Sandy Hook are continuing the march on behalf of those who lost their lives far too soon.  The members of the Sandy Hook Promise ( have teamed up with OPI, concocting the perfect color of green nail polish as a way to show support, as well as generate donations for their community.

I have attached the information below, but don't wait too long!  It's first come first serve, and the color is a limited edition.  My very own bottle of OPI Sandy Hook Green is in the mail as I write this.  Who knows, I may just paint the nails of all the kids in the neighborhood.  Might even spark a discussion about having the confidence to speak up when something doesn't seem quite right.

September 23, 2013

Some Things Are Not As They Appear...

Initially, I saw this video and thought it was a planned performance similar to one of those seemingly spontaneous flash mobs that pop up in malls and other public venues. You know, one rogue person begins dancing, and then all of a sudden more and more join in as the performance continues.  Ultimately, gleaning cheers and applause from those who were lucky enough to be passing by.

Turns out, it's nothing like that.  Several months ago I wrote a blog on the issue of human trafficking. Sadly, it is an issue that is prevalent internationally, and falls under the radar due to the nature of the crime.  Young women and men are beckoned into the smarmy underworld under the false pretense of opportunity. While this video takes place in Europe, it is an epidemic that has found its way close to home.

If you want to read more about the issue of human trafficking, you can reference my January 9, 2013 post.  In the meantime, take a look at this video.  It is a powerful reminder that some things are not as they appear, and it is our job to be vigilant if something doesn't seem right.

September 16, 2013

Embracing Age And Everything That Goes Along With It...

A few years ago I met the most amazing woman through a bizarre set of circumstances after reading an article about her the year before in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Her name is Cindy Joseph, and she is the founder of Boom! by Cindy Joseph.  A small but powerful line of makeup and moisturizing lotion that packs a punch for women of all ages.  If you read my article on last year, you may recall that I referenced Cindy's personal story, which includes being discovered as a model at the age of 49 by Dolce and Gabbana on the streets of New York City.  Later forging a path as one of the few female public figures, who takes pride in rocking her silver locks, and actively resists the demands of a society that views aging as a curse.

This summer Cindy did something that she has been working toward since announcing her commitment to a "Pro-Age Revolution!"  The first of many gatherings uniting women from all over the country.  And her first stop took place in beautiful San Francisco, California.  Congregating in the heart of the city, Cindy shared with her audience the message of acceptance, finding happiness in your own skin, and rejecting the notion that age is a bad thing in a society that continues to seek youth at all cost!  Sadly, I was unable to attend, but I was so inspired by the speech that she gave under the summer sky on Union Square.  I hope you will find her words as inspirational as I did.  She is a lovely woman inside and out, and definitely someone to emulate as we continue our journey through life.

If you want to hear more from Cindy, she posts a terrific vlog (video+blog=vlog) on Facebook and Google+ every Saturday.  It's like sitting down with a gal pal, and coming away with a nice nugget of information and inspiration for the week.

Thank you, Cindy! xo


Welcome to the the first public gathering of the Pro-Age Revolution!

It's about women, it's about beauty, and it's about time.

For centuries women were only valued for childbearing. And we still carry the belief that we are only valuable and worthy of attention if we are either in our childbearing years, or look like we are!

Look at all these stores around us. They sell millions of gallons of anti-wrinkle creams, anti-aging serums, Botox, hair dyes and more; all in the name of women holding onto their youthful appearance. Millions of women purchase anything they can in an attempt to conceal the signs aging. Billions of dollars are spent daily for products and techniques claiming to stave off the visual effects of time.

Ageism has hit an all-time high in American society.

Women claimed the vote over 100 years ago. We liberated ourselves almost 45 years ago. Yet, we still hold tight to this archaic notion that we lose value as we show signs of aging!

I am here to remind you that we do not become less of who we are as time passes; we become more.

We are gathered here today to demonstrate that ageful women are as attractive, vital, smart, sensual, wise, confident, and beautiful as we ever were. We are here to demonstrate that each decade of life brings a new kind of beautiful.

The Pro-Age revolution is about women across America coming together in the realization that aging is simply another word for living. Life continues to bring us adventure, challenges, and fun. The Pro-Age Revolution is about women wearing the visual evidence of our age openly and proudly, and celebrating the years we have lived. It is about stepping into our 40s, 50s, 60s 70s 80s and beyond with joy and enthusiasm. Pro-age is about valuing ourselves, just as Mother Nature created us.

The Pro-Age Revolution gives women permission and inspiration to take pleasure in our age rather than fear it. Pro-aging is about recognizing the unique beauty we develop at every stage of our lives. Pro-age is sharing our positive viewpoints on aging with our daughters, sisters, nieces, mothers, grandmothers, granddaughters and friends.

We are the Pro-Age Revolutionaries. We wear our silver hair with style and pride. We wear our wrinkles and age spots as medals of honor. This is a very new phenomenon in this country and it is making a positive impact on everyone. Pro-age is now the subject of talk shows, newsrooms, blogs, magazines and documentaries.

Everyone wants to know that life gets better as time goes by.

Age has had a bad rap long enough!

It is now time for us to stop committing agism against ourselves!

When we start acknowledging ourselves as sensual, thriving, vital, valuable creatures, at every stage of life, agism will dissipate. And it is entirely up to us. It will take each one of us to make that happen. Once we value ourselves, others will follow suit.

And that may not be easy. None of us are immune to societal judgments.

We are led to believe so many negative viewpoints about aging, starting with the concept that we only have two choices: We can either do what it takes to keep up a youthful appearance for as long as possible, or "let ourselves go".

-We are taught that our "currency" is in "youthful beauty", leading us to believe we will lose our value as we age.

-We are continually offered yet another product, diet, exercise or treatment, promising to recreate some visual replica of our younger selves.

-Our hair dressers discourage us.

-Our girlfriends warn us of the tragedy of looking old.

Women who are post-menopausal are considered "decrepit, old maids, spinsters, lost their looks, old hags, once beauties, tired, feeble, crotchety, washed up and over the hill."

Where were our mothers, grandmothers and elders, where were our guides and mentors when we needed help navigating through this maze of shaming messages?

Do you know where they were? They were in the beauty salon getting their hair dyed and face lifted!

So, we have been left to find our own way.

Everyone would like to hear that aging can feel and look good as life continues. Everyone wants to know that they retain their value and can even gain value as they age.

I encourage all of you to consider what agism is, how you live with it, how it effects your life and your family and friends. Consider the possibility of creating and living in a Pro-Age society and how it would impact the way you live your life.

The pro-age revolution has begun!

Today, we tell the world! Today we make history!


September 10, 2013

An Unsung American Hero...

The following is a re-post from last year. This day will always bring sadness and memories that forever changed this country. It was also a day that brought out the very best in Americans, causing political and social lines to blur as one. I hope you enjoy this story because it is one of courage and bravery.


September 11th carries with it painful memories for America. It was the first time for many that we experienced terrorism on our own soil. Families were shattered, communities mourned the premature loss of lives, and children were left behind with questions that we still struggle to answer.

Soon after the towers fell, the Pentagon received a direct hit. As the employees evacuated the building so well known for housing our country's highest levels of military defense, flames and jet fuel filled the walls of the Pentagon, causing an immediate wall of thick black smoke to funnel through the hallways. Rather than instinctively running away from the scene, one brave man ran toward the gaping hole where American Airlines Flight 77 rested in an inferno. He is the husband of a very dear friend of mine, and is the kind of guy who should be forever revered for his heroism, but would never be caught boasting about his moment of greatness. In fact, he would probably roll his eyes and shake his head if he knew I was writing about him on this 12th anniversary of September 11th.

Here's how it went down. Plane hits the Pentagon. All employees filtered outside as a direct order from the powers that be. Navy Commander Dave Tarantino, who has a medical degree and many years of international military experience, believed he could be of assistance to those impacted by the crash. Rather than evacuating with the rest of his colleagues, he put a wet rag over his face and found his way to the outermost ring of the building. Jet fuel and metal rained from above and smoke made it nearly impossible to navigate his way to the scene. As he yelled for survivors, he heard a voice. It was the voice of  Jerry Henson, a retired naval aviator leading a team of seven at the Pentagon, coordinating emergency relief efforts for the Navy. After the initial impact, he was pinned under his desk by a mountain of rubble, and was falling in and out of consciousness due to the heavy smoke. Knowing that they had only a few minutes at the most, Dave laid down on his back, managed to push the wall of debris with his legs, allowing just enough room for Henson to free himself. They both miraculously escaped the scene with few physical injuries. Although, it was soon after that the entire area collapsed behind them.

There were numerous stories of heroic efforts on that horrible September day. Another reminder that when the chips are down, American citizens find a way to rise to the occasion and help their brothers and sisters in need. A reminder to all as we navigate our way through each day that it shouldn't take a catastrophic event to reach out to someone in need.

Thank you, Dave. For your heroism and for your service to this country. You're also just a super nice guy.

September 4, 2013

I Found My Way To Oz And I Didn't Want To Leave...

This summer I spent a lazy week in Cape Cod.  It was just as I expected; quaint sleepy towns with a sea of shingled bungalows, lobster rolls that did not disappoint, and quirky shops that you just can't find at your local mall.  As we checked into our shabby chic cottage in the heart of Barnstable, the proprietor of the inn gave me the 411 on a new boutique that had just opened down the street. The designer of a clothing line called Cupcake, which is a collection of high end clothing and accessories normally found in boutiques, is a local resident and recently opened a shop offering her line of clever designs at very reasonable wholesale prices!

I finally had some time on day three and decided to take a lap around Oz, leaving my husband and Labradoodle camped out in an Adirondack on the front porch. As I entered, it was like walking into my own little Oz experience.  The energy was fantastic, as the perfect balance of color, design, and fashion greeted me with open arms.  I knew it was going to be a special experience and I was right.  The designer of the avant-garde collection breezed by with a personal greeting, inviting me to enjoy and try anything and everything.

I took some photos of my special shopping adventure, as well as one with the eclectic designer, Brenda Lee.  It was a lovely experience, and I would highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in this beautiful part of the country.