May 20, 2013

The Ireland Baldwin Generation Has A Great Opportunity...

A few weeks ago, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger posted a retort to the less than favorable comments that some of her not so kind fans added to the Twittersphere regarding her weight.  Let's recap.  Ireland Baldwin is 17~years~old, 6' 2", and a stunningly beautiful and healthy looking young woman. She has chosen to pursue a modeling career, which has sadly generated a slew of ugly comments from the public.  I was pleased to read her response, though. While she said that she once suffered from an eating disorder, she has dedicated her efforts to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating sensible food choices and exercise.

Much has been reported in the last several years by many in the public eye about the issue of food and the self-loathing that comes from eating that extra slice of pizza or not feeling adequate because you do not fit into size 2 skinny jeans.  It doesn't help matters when clothing peddlers like that guy from Abercrombie and Fitch go on the record dictating that he only wants the skinny cool kids representing his brand.  Granted, he has every right to do that, but shame on him! Adults have a tremendous responsibility to be good examples to our youth, and encourage excellence by lifting them up.  Sadly, exclusionary comments will almost always destroy a spirit, and cause those navigating their way through their formative years to question their abilities.

The Huffington Post ran a story calling our teens "Generation Z" and depicted them lazy and apathetic.  I think that's crap!  By giving thousands of teens a box marked lazy, how will they find their way to the path of strong, determined, and remarkable?

My hope is that Ms. Baldwin and the rest of her generation take the opportunity to change the conversation.  We need Generation Z!  We need you to represent our interests in Congress, lead our companies, find cures for diseases, and use technology to seek new and innovative ways to remain competitive in a very internationally competitive world.  And if our young men and women are spinning out of control trying to be visually perfect in the eyes of some lame guy from a store at the mall, how will they find the confidence to pursue greatness?

So, here's the deal Generation your bliss, master it well, find happiness in your own skin, ignore the haters, and embrace those who resonate with you. Because every successful person you see around you did exactly that.


  1. Sometimes it's those negative statements that help to push us upwards and onwards. Ms Baldwin needs to now show everyone who she is and what she's about because coming from famous parents can make it look as if you've getting an easy ride with automatic opening doors in life - not that it's anyone's business to judge anyway.

    Yes, no doubt that there is an issue with some of the young people of today but maybe we need to get more of a balance. We ought to promote when the young achieve greatness, applaud when they do good and put them on our shoulders so they can become more than we were.

    1. Great comments from my friend across the pond!