April 15, 2013

Some Things Are Just Meant To Be Together...

I was scanning an article in Men's Health Magazine.  Okay, I admit that I may have initially opened the glossy mag under the false pretense of a cute boy on the front cover.  Eventually, I did find my way to an article that was full of solid information.

According to a bunch of smarty pants researchers, there is something to be said for pairing certain foods with each other for an added burst of nutritional value. So, here's what they did.  They looked at the practices of the United States, as well as other countries, and noticed that certain foods consumed together seemed to pack a greater punch, while simultaneously lowering the risk of cancer, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes. But they also took a look at scouring out the arteries and basic brain power, too!  They took their findings to the lab, tested it out on a willing group from the rodent family, and came up with a list of winners. I'm not going to go into the specifics because it's kind of boring and, like you, I usually want to cut to the chase.  So, here it is...

~ Tomatoes and Avocados
~ Oatmeal and Orange Juice
~ Broccoli and Tomatoes
~ Lemon and Kale
~ Apples and Chocolate
~ Blueberries and Grapes
~ Soy and Salmon
~ Peanuts and Whole Wheat
~ Red Meat and Rosemary
~ Garlic and Fish
~ Eggs and Cantaloupe
~ Almonds and Yogurt
~ Turmeric and Black Pepper

You probably scanned the list and likely combine many of these foods together already.  A side note on turmeric~some people shy away from it because of its bright color and pungent flavor.  I discovered a recipe years ago that I have prepared over and over.  Combine firm tofu (don't judge~stay with me) in a hot pan with a little olive oil, veggies of your choice, and sprinkle some turmeric and black pepper over it.  You can add Parmesan cheese or a little goat cheese and it is yummy and healthy.


  1. Can you believe that I have never ever tried tofu? Maybe it is time that I do...