April 8, 2013

An Unconventional Family That Will Warm Your Heart ...

Mommy, daddy, and baby have historically given us those moments of  "aww, that's so sweet."  But times, they are a-changin'...

I came across this inspirational video of a young man, who courageously stood in front of a sizable audience, and displayed a lovely and raw account of his life, his fears, and his family.

According to Mr. Webster, the definition of family is (1) parents and their children (2) relatives (3) lineage (4) a group of related things.

When watching this special teen, I was reminded that regardless of the family dynamic, we all just want to feel that we are part of a family unit.

I hope the following video will be as powerful for you as it was for me.



  1. Wow! What an incredible story and storyteller! I have to share this on FB, if you don't mind... But first I need a tissue.

    1. I agree! Glad you enjoyed it, too! Jules