March 9, 2013

Is Numerology Real or Bunk?

I saw Glynis McCants interviewed on The Talk a few months back.  She officially refers to herself as a "Pythagorean Numerologist."  Sounds like a fancy title that comes after years and years of advanced education.  Actually, she has spent the last 20 years studying the numbers that are basically attached to us through our birth date.  I guess on par with astrology, but it's even more individualized than lumping together everyone who was born within the same 30 days.

Here's how it determine your Life Path Number you do the following:

Let's say your birth date is December 30, 1975.  The way to find your number is by adding all the numbers of your birth date together like this:

December 30, 1975
So your Life Path Number would be 1

Okay, so now you look at her chart, which seeks to identify a person from nine different personality types.  Simply, if you are a one, for example, the definition of a one should explain you and the innermost quality that drives you in life.

One~ You are independent, self-motivated, hardworking.  Basically, seeks to be the best in all aspects of his/her life.
Two~ You are a bit of a romantic.  You want peace and companionship. According to McCants, a two does not welcome conflict, and can have a surly side if pushed too hard!
Three~ You are a communicator in all aspects of your life whether through the written word or verbally.  This group basically uses their senses to convey their creative genes.
Four~ You seek knowledge and this gives you security.  Typically, kind of a brainiac, who enjoys teaching others.
Five~You are a fun seeker and adventurous.  As a result, sometimes have a tough time settling into a solid relationship.
Six~You are the nurturing type.  You actually are best suited to be in charge of a business or in a leadership role.
Seven~Loner is such an unpleasant description.  Let's just say that you need your space.  A seven also tends to appear mysterious to others because of their tendency to remain detached.
Eight~ You seek financial security in order to find peace.  You tend to be generous, but also like nice things.  An eight sometimes has a tough time taking advice, and can inadvertently appear curt or unnecessarily harsh toward others.
Nine~ You are a natural leader, but also a humanitarian.  While you focus on taking care of others, you may neglect your own needs sometimes.

So, which one are you?  My husband and I could not resist calculating our individual numbers, and we laughed because they were spot on!  (Much to my own chagrin)

McCants also identifies on her website a person's Attitude Number through a similar process.  If you want to check out your attitude or learn more about the philosophy of numerology, you can do so by visiting Glynis McCants at


  1. I came out as a number: 9. Although people say I am a natural leader, I don't like to take the lead unless I'm pushed into that position by default. The other part is fairly true I would say. I'm a bit surprised by this, not something I usually get into.

  2. I thought it was kind of fun, too. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Wait a second. I could be one-nine!