March 25, 2013

I Thought I Had An Idea. Turns Out I Had No Clue...

Fox News tells us one thing, MSNBC another, and CNN gives us yet a third explanation about how money is dispersed in this country.  The economy is up one day when the stock market hits record highs, yet those who continue to struggle with the rampant loss of jobs would not agree that our country has made a come back quite yet.

So, who are the people making the money contributing to our country's economic recovery?  More importantly, what percentage of the population hold the majority of the assets in this country?  We know they're out there, but where are they? Come to think of it, what percentage of Americans make up this lucky group?  Is it five percent?  Maybe ten?

This video clarified it for me, and I suspect it will do the same for you.

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