February 28, 2013

A Great Message To All Of Us To Be Our Very Best...

Let me introduce you to a cool guy.  His name is Robin Sharma and he is an inspirational, highly positive, makes sense kind of guy.  He's an author, motivational speaker, master of leadership, observer of human nature, and someone who basically lives life every day like it's a privilege.

I stumbled upon his website and was transfixed by a video that he offers up on the first page of his site. (I took the liberty of linking the video below so you can glean a thing or two from Robin, if you should choose to do so)

Basically, his challenge to us is to become a master at whatever it is that you love to do.  Essentially, focus on your individual craft and, as he says, "become stunningly good at what you do."  Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a member of the service industry, or the president of a company, he believes we should spend each day becoming more and more proficient in an effort to be the best, achieve more than we could ever hope to achieve, and model for others the pride of personal excellence.  His book is called Lead Without a Title and the premise is to visualize yourself as an artist when you go to work each day.  He wholeheartedly believes that every person has a creative need to actualize the imaginable.  Essentially he boils it down to this... Focus+Time= Genius.

I have chosen to follow Robin Sharma on Facebook, as well.  He contributes daily nuggets of inspiration that are quiet reminders to strive for excellence, be the kindest and best person you know, and continue the daily march toward the deep seeded goals that can propel us to be our very best in life.


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