January 26, 2013

One Good Deed Can Change a Life!

This year Santa left me the most awesome book in my stocking.  It is a book written by a gal who I know I could be friends with.  Her name is Erin McHugh and she is the author of One Good Deed.  It is a book that was born after Erin decided to seek personal inspiration, but also use her daily output of good to inspire others. Would you not love to have coffee with her?

Anyway, she spent the better part of a year, which began on the date of her birth, to do one good deed every day for a year.  Some things small and others more significant.

I was especially intrigued by her excerpt on December 30th.  It talks about a longtime friend of hers who was seeking financial backing for a movie he was trying to complete and distribute.  He needed $10,000 so he contacted his friends to ask them to visit a website and donate if they felt inspired to do so.  The website is kickstarter.com and it is amazing!  Here's how it works.  If you are trying to generate a sum of money to get a creative venture off the ground, you can go to this site, prepare a business plan, and submit it for the review for anyone who might visit the site looking for a philanthropic opportunity.  In return for a donation, the donor may receive something in return if the goal is ultimately reached.  For example, Erin's friend had a goal of $10,000 and when all was said and done, he exceeded $30,000!  So for the $30.00 that Erin donated to his business plan, she later received a free DVD when the project was finalized.  Plus, she had the pride of knowing that she helped someone accomplish a lofty personal goal.

I took the liberty of visiting this site and it is most impressive!  It always blows me away how many talented and highly motivated people are out there trying to realize their potential in life.  How often can we say that we had a hand in changing a person's life?  If you are interested in perusing the site for the newest and the greatest, I linked the website below.


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