December 17, 2012

Morning Joe

I have been watching Morning Joe on MSNBC for several years.  I watched it while living on the west coast when I could not sleep at 3 a.m.  Now I can watch it at a more reasonable time of the morning, as we now live on the east coast.

I respect the personalities on Morning Joe because they share differing opinions, but all are conveyed with respect and tolerance.  While the individual opinions of those involved with this morning show I may not share, they deliver their stories to me in a package that I might not have considered in my own perspective.  And the reason why I, and so many others, are able to digest their banter is because it is coming in the form of a reasonable discussion and out of mutual admiration.  Simply, they state their respective opinions, respect their differences, and agree to disagree sometimes. 

On today's show, Joe shared an especially meaningful editorial that I have linked below.  For those who may have missed it on the west coast, it is worth a look.  I don't, in any way, want to become a political blogger.  This comes from a mom who dropped her daughter off at school today after one of the most horrific shootings our country has ever seen.

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