December 2, 2012

It all began...

It all began the day my daughter's pediatrician called me "grandma"...

Let me backtrack a bit.  I am going to be 46 years old in 8 days.  I am perfectly happy growing older, showing a few lines, and going grey.  Going grey was a decision I made about two years ago when visits to the salon became increasingly more demanding.  I found the experience to actually be quite liberating.  Interestingly, the greyer I got, the happier and more grounded I felt.  And get this...the more attention I started getting from random people on the street. 

That was until I had the unexpected incident with a new doctor, which we refer to in our house as "grannygate."  It caused me to reassess why I felt so strongly about a pro-age attitude and why others, including the media, did not necessarily share my feelings. 

After my husband suggested I write about my experience, I decided to submit the article to More Magazine.  The next thing I knew, it was published on the website and my quirky account of going grey was in print for the world to see.  A funny thing happened, though.  The article hit cyberspace and the next thing I knew it was being read and reposted further and further from where it began.  I began hearing from people all over the country thanking me for writing about the subject of age in America.  As it turns out, I was not the only one questioning the issue of age and the double standard perpetuated by the media.  I was shocked one day when my husband advised me that over 300 people had "liked" my article on the Facebook Page.

So here I am with a blog, which is so "Julie and Julia" to me.  My hope is to navigate through with  thoughts and articles, and hopefully inspire others along the way.  I, by no means, claim to know it all.  In fact, my hope is to glean from others tidbits that will help others to achieve their own moments of inspiration and clarity. 

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