December 2, 2012

Ali Wentworth dishes on grey hair and my article on

The hilarious Ali Wentworth, who has a super funny webcast on Yahoo Shine, was kind enough to give my recent article a little air time with her equally funny sidekick.  I knew lobbing Ali something like grey hair was going to be funny and she did not disappoint. 

Following the show over 750 comments flooded in discussing the personal feelings of grey hair in America.  While some were weird and creepy, others applauded the notion of embracing age.  I have to say, though, that my favorite went something like this "When men go grey they look like Sean Connery.  When women go grey they also look like Sean Connery."  As far as I know I have not been compared to the likes of Mr. Connery, but the quote had me laughing hysterically!

At the end of the day, I love knowing that I had a small part in the discussion of age in America.  The following is a link to the webcast.

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