December 9, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to the East Coast~I met a professional magician, a rock star, and I had jury duty with George Lucas...

Our family has had the privilege of moving a lot.  In the last five years we have lived in four different states.  When people find out they generally think we're crazy.  We have had many ask us how we could possibly be happy moving so frequently and live so far from family and friends.  More importantly, we are asked how we could make the decision to do that to our daughter.

While moving is admittedly challenging, it has ended up being the exact opposite of what most people think.  Ask anyone and we say the same thing before each move, "We are excited!  Excited to seek out a new adventure, meet new people, and experience a new region of our country that we may have only read about or visited on a short vacation."  My husband and I decided early on that we were going to have a positive attitude and always try to look at moving as a gift and not something to dread or avoid.  We have modeled those words to our daughter and she, in turn, understands that she too has had great opportunities to meet new people and experience a broader perspective than if she had remained in the same community during her entire childhood.  We recognize that there are pros and cons to this way of thinking.  When we visit old friends it is lovely to witness the lifelong friendships that began in nursery school and blossomed throughout the teenage years.  But when we look back on the last five years, we are struck by the fact that we could not have dreamed about the amazing opportunities that we have been blessed to live, as well as the people we have met along the way.

I recently watched a very funny video (and spot on) of Shawn Achor on  He is the CEO of Good think, Inc. and researches and teaches positive psychology.  He has a whole host of recommendations including practicing gratitude, appreciation, exercise, meditation, and conscious acts of random kindness.  Basically, he believes that a positive brain in the present will result in future success.  Rather than the antiquated philosophy that from hard work, success and happiness will come later.

I hope you will choose to watch the video I have linked below.  It is hilarious and hopefully it will inspire you as much as it inspired me.

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